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Sunnyvale, CA.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is taking over the Internet, one small business site at a time. Introduced today by the Sunnyvale company, Acobot employs advanced AI chat technology to engage website visitors in help chats — and businesses of all sizes can quickly and easily install Acobot on their sites for free.

If “artificial intelligence” brings to mind Hollywood-style sentient robots bent on destroying humans, it’s time to step away from the big screen and instead take a look at Acobot. The robot eliminates the need for in-person live chat support by intuitively answering prospective customers’ questions. Acobot learns as it goes, providing better service with each new visit.

Designed by AI researchers, Acobot was created to help website owners answer their visitors’ questions 24/7 and, in turn, achieve better sales. The robot takes about three minutes to get up and running; comparable products can take days or even weeks to set up and can cost upwards of $10,000 monthly.

So why make Acobot services freely available? Acobot LLC is, at heart, a company of inventors who are much more interested in finding new ways to solve problems with technology than they are in becoming the next billion-dollar company.

“Acobot gives instant answers with a human touch,” stated the founder and CEO, Vic Duan. “Our goal is to give accurate and instant answers to whatever questions our users’ site visitors might have. Through AI, Acobot can answer expected and unexpected questions accurately and sometimes even in entertaining ways.”

For example, ask Acobot to tell a joke, and the results are unpredictable but invariably humorous. Turn around and ask how the robot works, and Acobot will readily explain. Each answer, regardless of the complexity of the question, is given in less than a second, keeping site visitors engaged and interested in the company for which Acobot is “working.”

“People enjoy interacting with Acobot,” Duan explained. “They stay on your site longer and end up obtaining more information about your business than they would from a static web page or even a human chat attendant. We’re excited to put Acobot to work for businesses everywhere.”


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